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I am an independent researcher and designer interested in the unseen structures of reality: spatial modulations, timescapes, smelll fluxes, collective memory, mindscapes and architectural models of mental states. My work spans across various mediums and takes place in the fields of URBAN DESIGN, ENVIRONMENTAL PLANNING and NARRATIVE ARCHITECTURE. I was awarded a B.A. in Environmental Design (Université du Québec à Montréal) with a minor in Architecture (University of Strathclyde, Glasgow UK), and a M.Sc.A. in Planning / Urban Design (Université de Montréal). My thesis (written in French) is about the power of the smells to trigger various spatio-temporalities in the environment.

I am a member of Quebec Association of Urban Designers (ADUQ), Quebec Association of Industrial Designers (ADIQ), and Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (MIRAIC). ORCID #0000-0002-4745-9391

looking for creative teams, partner(s) or clients i can grow with. If my expertise draws your attention, please contact me: natalie.bouchard[at]gmail[dot]com I am French-Canadian, free to relocate. I have worked on projects in the UK, South Korea, USA, China and Italy.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT _____Excellent organizational skills with a proven efficiency to manage a production schedule. Reliable, resourceful and dynamic. Persevere to get the job done in time and with maximum quality.

PRODUCTION DESIGN _____Extensive expertise with object design, interactive media, prototyping, model making, exhibition displays, packaging, graphic communication and digital mock-ups. I am that kind of person with both the creativity and the meticulousness to handle all the little details.

RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT _____Efficient in the production of case studies, as well as field experiments, photography and video documentation. Give attention to details. Methodical. Curious.