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i am an independent researcher and designer interested in the things that cities make happen. I develop scenarios that explore the hidden structures of reality, spatial modulations, timescape, smells and memory landscapes. My work spans across various mediums. I am a member of Quebec Association of Industrial Designers. I was awarded a BA in Environmental Design with a minor in Architecture from Université du Québec à Montréal. And i have recently completed a M.Sc. in Urban Design at Université de Montréal.

looking for creative teams, partner(s) or clients i can grow with. If my expertise draws your attention, please contact me:
natalie.bouchard[at]gmail[dot]com I am French-Canadian, free to relocate. I have worked on projects in the UK, South Korea, USA, China and Italy.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT _____Excellent organizational skills with a proven efficiency to manage a production schedule. Reliable, resourceful and dynamic. Persevere to get the job done in time and with maximum quality.

PRODUCTION DESIGN _____Extensive expertise with object design, interactive media, prototyping, model making, exhibition displays, packaging, graphic communication and digital mock-ups. I am that kind of person with both the creativity and the meticulousness to handle all the little details.

RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT _____Efficient in the production of case studies, as well as field experiments, photography and video documentation. Give attention to details. Methodical. Curious.